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10th June
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Details of the fourth AGM of the CBS and a Supporters Liaison Officer role


The Banbury United Community Football Club Ltd Fourth Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 24 July 2019, 7.45 pm at the Banbury Plant Hire Community Stadium clubhouse.

The provisional agenda is as follows:
1. Apologies for Absence
2. Welcome from Chairman
3. Look back at progress in past year
4. Discussion of future priorities
5. Summary of Accounts for period 1 June 2018 - 31 May 2019.
6. Election of Accountant
7. Election to the Board for 2019-20
8. Any Other Business

Members for 2018-19 will be eligible to attend the meeting. Membership will be available on the night of the AGM, though members can only vote if they have joined by 6.00 pm on Monday 1 July 2019. See for a membership form.

To be considered for election to the Board, members a need to submit a completed nomination form, signed by four other members of the club. The nomination form, a guide to expectations of Board members, the club Rules and club Election Policy are all on the club website. See

The election will be for four places on the Board. In line with Rule 63, one third of the existing Board will resign but are eligible to stand again for re-election. Stewart Green, Martin Cantrell and Mark Allitt are the Board members in respect of this re-election. Martin and Mark have advised that they will stand for re-election, Stewart has confirmed he wishes to resign from the Board and will not seek re-election. In addition Dave Wyatt has confirmed he will resign from the Board with effect from the AGM.

Please note that the club insurance policy includes provisions for officers' and directors' insurance.

If required an election will be held as a ballot. Ballot papers will be circulated once nominations have closed. Ballot papers will need to be returned by the AGM by post or hand or in person prior to the start of the AGM.

Nomination forms must be sent to Stephen Barlow, Banbury United Community Football Club Ltd Secretary, at the football club address above, and received by 1800 hrs, Monday 1st July 2019. If you are not nominated by this date you cannot be considered for election.


At the Open Forum the Board held in May 2019 we committed to the strengthening of our relationship with fans including the appointment of a Supporters Liaison Officer (SLO) for 2019-20 season.

The Club are members of Supporters Direct who guided us through the process of becoming a supporters’ owned club and continue to offer support and advice to us. Last year Supporters Direct (SD) agreed to merge with the Football Supporters Federation (FSF).

Senior statutory bodies in the game such as The FA and UEFA had identified a need for the Supporters Liaison role, it is in fact mandatory for clubs participating in UEFA competitions. The FSF offer their view on the SLO role here

The Board of Directors of the club are of course all supporters too. However recognise that the work of the Board has become more complex, evolved and developed in the four years since the takeover and we should look at ways of developing engagement with supporters.

The Board see the SLO role helping strengthen the bond between the club and its fans. The SLO should be a point of contact for supporters to communicate opinions to the club’s board from fans and also issues/points raised by the Board with fans. The Board will look to engage the SLO to keep them up to date with operational and strategic matters.

However this is a supporters’ position, not the Board’s so they are not going to set out a detailed job description. It’s anticipated the role and responsibilities being developed by the SLO. The only stipulation the Board have is that the SLO will need to be a member of the Community Benefit Society.

However there needs to be a structured process for the recruitment and selection of the SLO so that all supporters know how they can apply for the role and also decide who their representative should be. So a process parallel to the election of Board members will be run. Supporters that wish to stand for the SLO position should complete the application form and submit it by the due date of 1 July 2019. See If there is more than one applicant an election will be held, where details of the applicants are circulated and members of the CBS can vote for their preferred applicant with the result announced at the AGM. This will be done in line, where relevant, with the club’s election policy.

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